Tyrion Lannister Doppleganger Is Waiting Tables At A Restaurant In Pakistan

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At Dilbar Hotel in the heart of Rawalpindi, you head for some traditional Pakistani rice and spice. You’re consumed in your meal; you point to food on the table, dish yourself more, and chow down as you yell out another order to add to your bill. Soon after, the next dish arrives, and when you look up, you see the most intellectually brutal and petrifyingly cunning mastermind who’s conquered 8 seasons of the infamous HBO fantasy serial Game of Thrones. There you sit, awestruck.
Pakistan has made many a kind from the slums and the streets famous online for beauty, resemblance, and just general viral eye candy. Think back to Arshad Khan, Pakistan’s most famous “Chai Wala” who became famous after an aesthetic photo of him pouring tea went viral. He, then 18 years old, was photographed and featured in Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar. Once the issue was out, he woke up one morning to ride the wave of online fame straight into becoming a menswear model with his first campaign shooting just days later.
As was once with the Chai Wala, another young man has found fame for resembling American actor Peter Dinklage who stars as the witty dwarf character Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. The resemblance between the Rozi Khan, a waiter at Dilbar Hotel in Rawalpindi, and Peter Dinklage is uncanny, and there’s no surprise that Khan sees swarms of people asking for a photo, now making it onto the digital scape with his photos virally attracting all Game of Thrones fans nearby.
Of this, Khan says:
“I don’t mind. A lot of my pictures have been taken, that’s why I have become very famous everywhere.”
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At the small Kashmiri restaurant where Khan works, the owner Malik Aslam Pervez, as quoted in the original story by geo.tv, describes him as a “hard worker” as well as a “drawcard for the eatery.”
“When he takes a day off or gets sick, people look for him and ask where did he go? They get upset. They love him. There is always a crowd here but it has boomed because of him,” Says Pervez
Besides their near identical facial features, the two are also around the same height of 135 centimeters (4ft 5in). Mansehra (northern Pakistan) born Khan says about Dinklage that he would be overjoyed to meet the actor one day, who he holds dear as a friend and brother in his heart.
“I love him very much, he is my friend… he is my height so I like him a lot.”
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With the aftermath of the Chai Wala before us, what opportunities sail forward for Rozi Khan as he climbs his sky rocket of fame? Perhaps it’s a matter of time before Dinklage opts to pay a visit to Khan or to arrange a meeting inviting the young man to the United States. It may just be as well that Khan may score himself a role in the hit HBO serial as Tyrion Lannister’s body double for cinematic scenes that require such. The resemblance between the two is irreproachable, and this could be an asset for the TV show as they go into their final season expected to be full of blips of absurdly intense and unforeseen plot twists.
Just two weeks away, Game of Thrones is returning to HBO on April 14, 2019, for the eighth and final season of the show.

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