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Rice Plus Magazine (RPM) is Pakistan’s first leading magazine which  covers the areas of Rice and  Allied agro Livestock Products. The magazine was introduced in September 2009 with the frequency of quarterly publication.   The magazine aims to share the insides of Global Rice & related Agro products markets. The Magazine is owned by Induss Pak Corporation-an established name in the Agro/Livestock industry internationally.  The magazine contents are managed by Institute of Research Promotion.  The contents are customized to fulfill the need of Growers, Industry,academia,research and it is becoming the foremost key for all stakeholders. We are committed to improving and developing rice sector of Pakistan through knowledge sharing cum effective partnerships and sharing of latest knowledge of the domain. Our main targeted segments include key decision makers in rice, agriculture growers, research scholars ,regulators and industry across the world.

Lack of information has always been a chronicle problem in developing economies & specially less educated agro based countries where growers & end consumers suffers a lot.The food crises in 2008 was partially due the distortion of information available with the concerned stackholders. To bridge the gap of having information at all levels ,we decided to start this quarterly issue in 2009.Rice Plus is a unique model in the sense that it represent all segments of agro supply Chain.   

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